Our Services

Peterson Company provides the following services to its clients.

Sales Team Development

  • Value Based Selling© Training & Coaching
  • Sales Training & Coaching
  • Sales Management Training & Coaching
  • Inspired Sales Leadership
  • Successful "Follow through"
  • Applying Effective Negotiating
  • Sales Team Building Training
  • Develop and implement a successful Value Proposition

Sales Team Optimization

  • Sales Team Evaluation
  • Sales Assessments
  • Sales Management Assessments
  • Evaluation Sales Leadership
  • Evaluation Sales Professional
  • Salesforce Effectiveness
  • Sales Team Benchmarking
  • Pipeline Analysis

Advice & Support

  • Successful Sales Process Development & Implementation
  • Successful CRM Implementation
  • Pipeline effectiveness & Optimization
  • Sales Team Change Preparation
  • Sales Team building & Restructure
  • Sales Team Architecture
  • Recruiting & On-Boarding with Success
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Experts in Sales

We guide and support companies and teach them the 'science behind sales'. Personal Goals, team successes, business growth and future planning, we help you at every organizational level.



We believe that every organization, from startup to market leader, deserves to work with the right Sales Professionals. Optimizing the sales force is key.


Before the treatment and the cure, there needs to be a thorough diagnosis to accurately asses the situation. The problem may have several causes and with it several solutions. You can not treat the problem with a simple ‘training’. We work towards a cure.

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Value Based Sales Solutions

Every customer experiences value in their own way. It is up to the Sales Professional to qualify the customer's needs and accurately convey the added value with surgical precision.

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sustainable Growth

The company is growing but is it still innovating? We support organizations in nurturing effective and sustainable business growth, adjusted to modern times and with the future on the horizon. 



Innovative and Targeted

We draw on many strengths - experience, flexibility, a global reach - but nothing is more important than our partnerships: with customers, partners and our own people.



With our unique approach and methods, we can solve any situation thoroughly, effectively and with certainty.


Big Data

We draw on a database of more than 1 million Sales Professionals. Using this, we can make a deep analysis of your sales force.



Your organization deserves the right Sales Professionals with the right Sales Method.


- Culture -

Our creative and flexible corporate culture, combined with our extensive experience in Sales, Sales Leadership, Marketing and Business Growth enable us to be a valuable asset to your company’s goals. We optimize the Sales Force of any organization, from market leader to a young startup. With our approach and unique methods we help every organization achieve Sustainable Business Growth.


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